my lame day - a list

  1. bum breakfast burritos. 
  2. neverending laundry and dishes.
  3. no mail. no really, no mail. what's up with that?
  4. a rudolph the reindeereque pimple on my nose.
  5. projects waiting not so patiently for me to feel motivated.
  6. weird weather.
  7. multiple miscommunications.
  8. miscommunications that led to bickering.
  9. still packed boxes.
  10. girl stuff.
  11. a smelly dog.
  12. unbelievably stupid user error causing the loss of a huge amount of work.
  13. missing my nephew. and his parents. and my parents. and friends in chicago. (but not chicago. not even a little.)

that was kind of satisfying. it was just one of those days. nothing went tragically wrong but nothing was really going right either. so tonight i'm going to try to accomplish at least one thing on my to do list. and write some letters. that usually works. and if it doesn't i'll just sit and stare at this picture of my nephew. 


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No mail!!!! Horrors... Big hugs for you.

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