my own private vertigo

california, here we come?!

shawn & i were accepted to renegade san francisco. yup. my brain is short circuiting. how do we get our stuff to san francisco? how do we get to san francisco? how long do we stay? do we get to go to the redwoods? what do we do with the dog? will people in san francisco be hip to the pixel party/cookoorikoo vibe?

anyway, if you're in san francisco, come see us july 18 + 19 at the fort mason center's festival pavilion from 11am - 7pm each day. 

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I am SO excited! Yes! You're going out to the wilds of the far frontier! The other side of the Continental Divide! Better yet, a hop, skip and a jump from the Silicon Valley! Hey, that's where I live. :) I know exactly where I want to take you in the City, too. You'll never be the same again.