my pledge in the form of a project

people who follow me on instagram or twitter have seen this week's project in progress. i'm getting a bunch of questions and i'm finding it hard to answer. so, i thought i'd try to write it all down here.

this year was a huge year for us. we moved 2000 miles and started over. it was easier than i would've ever imagined. i made some lovely new friends and found myself involved in a whole new community. i've had many great opportunities present themselves over this past year. shawn's busy as can be and we're both planning big things for next year. we love our little house. we love living in portland. we love exploring oregon. its been amazing. really and truly. 

but even with all the good, i had itchy feelings in december. even with all signs pointing to awesomeness, i was questioning everything. i was feeling overworked. i wasn't taking the best care of myself or getting enough sleep. all of this made matters worse. it turned into a pity party of epic proportions. this button, which i own, sums it up perfectly:

so, we took a much needed vacation. i caught up on my sleep. i cooked and ate delicious food. i drank a bit. i sat by the fire. i finished two embroidery projects - which was totally enjoyable. one night, while browsing pinterest or somewhere i scrolled past a picture of a person's signed pledge to believe that anything was possible in 2012. i thought it was lovely but didn't give it much thought at the time. 

the next morning i woke up KNOWING what i wanted to do next. it was crazy but i needed to do it. so, i sat down with my laptop and made this:


i made a list of people. i wished the supplies i needed to get started were with me at the beach, instead of at home. they weren't. it would have to wait. but while the idea rattled around my head, i got more excited. i added more names to the list. almost immediately upon our arrival home, i got to work. 

i ironed and cut the fabric. i printed the pattern out and traced it onto the fabric using this and this. then i got to work stitching, thinking about the list of people as i worked. the list of people has grown to the point that i've realized that i'll never get them all done before new years but that's ok. i think anyone who receives one will understand - my intentions were good.

the list of people? friends who are starting new careers in 2012, friends who are getting serious about their careers. friends who are ending relationships, starting new ones or are at a crossroads. friends who had a really bad 2011 and friends who had a good 2011. internet friends and maybe one or two virtual strangers. its a pretty random list - with people from all the corners of my life. 

so, the first batch is ready to send. the second batch begins when i return from the post office. i'm already excited. everything is possible in 2012. i just know it.



if you need a little extra mojo for 2012 and want to make your own or one for a friend, you can! click here for the image. please let me know if you do!

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These are gorgeous! And so appropriate. I might have to do one next month. Last year was rough to say the least... 2012 is going to be where it's at!!

xoxoxo from chicagoooo


Love these, and most of all that you're donating the proceeds to the Kid Camera Project!

THIS IS AWESOME. Wait. I just realized there is a small chance this has to do with a recent address request. OMG.

Hi! I saw your photo of these awesome little inspirations on Pinterest and had to come and comment! I do not know how sew to save my life...thank God my hubby took Home Ec as a teen or we would have no buttons on our clothing...but I am in love with these and in need of one BIG TIME! Would you be willing to do a sew and sell on one? Pretty Please! :)

after getting a bunch of requests, i've listed a few for sale on etsy and i'll be donating the money! :)

love it love it love it! wonderful mindset to start the new year! hope we have chances to hang out in real life in 2012.

Yet another reason why I miss you so much.

yay! i am glad we made it to the end of the year; this holiday season was a rough one. it seemed like we were mostly in some sort of zombie mode in the last 2 months (or maybe 4). 2011 wasn't as awful for me as 2009 and 2010, but i am not so sad to see it go. my sincere hope is that we (i) finally learn the lessons that have been kicking us in the butt for so long. it takes courage to accept the changes and the challenges and opportunities that come with all of that world. i think that it is possible. i know that it is possible. you rock, lady! i am glad you moved here. i hope pdx continues to provide what you need, and i am not just saying that because i like your pie.


This is awesome and you are awesome!

I think this is sweet and awesome and encouraging-- everything YOU ARE.


I'm so glad we met through the craft world. 2011 was a rough one, and this is really inspiring. I've found a ton of relaxation through making embroidered/cross stitched gifts for my's kind of a throw back to the old days, where you could make things just for fun!

Love ya, and keep going sister!

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