my year in review

in thinking about how to write about my year i was stymied. its been rough. from start to finish. but i don't want to seem ungrateful. i always know things could be worse. i know how very, very blessed i am. i wasn't sure how to sum things up without sounding like a big, whiny baby. then emily's post about this year appeared in my blog reader. i'm stealing her format. i've added a few categories...

Theme of this year: loss. it hasn't been an easy year for anyone i know.

Best Month of the Year: august

Best Day of the Year: april 9

Worst Day/Time of the Year:  april 26

Favorite Person of the Year: shawn. and not just because he bought me an iphone. he was supportive and understanding. he made me laugh and was ok when i needed to cry. he's the best. (lucy and sam are tied for second)

Favorite Moment of the Year: meeting kateri. we became friends at just the right time.

Favorite CD of the Year: vampire weekend

Favorite Movie: the fall

Live Show of the Year: she & him

Best Thing I Bought: i didn't buy a whole lot of non-supply things but these clogs rock my little world.

Favorite Trip: nola in june. so what if it was my only trip.

Book of the Year: the spellman files and curse of the spellmans. loved them.

Project of the Year: the fascinators. the idea was rattling around in my head for awhile. i just couldn't figure out how to make it work. and the prototype took a few tries. i'm thrilled with the end result.

TV of the Year: damages was fantastic. true blood was great. pushing daisies is a joy. but ultimately, obama's election night speech takes the cake.

Dessert of the Year: the bleeding heart pies. they were beautiful and tasty.

My Resolution for 2009: find the good. be like water. and be the change.

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clearly, i don't check your blog often enough (stupid laptop that crashes in googlereader). thank you; meeting you (finally, after dozens of missed connections over the years) was definitely the happiest and timeliest event of 2008. and continuing the theme, i may just rip this off. how every handy!

Hi, i just bought some items from you and was reading your profile (i like to know my sellers a bit better) and get to this blog...we share one thing: Vampire Weekend! nice to get to know you from this blog. cheers.