nerd vs. nerd: part 2


at lunch today my coworker was telling us about her middle school daughter's
project on the sphinx she was working on. she told us that
she offered to take her daughter to the library to get some books and
her daughter looked at her as though she was speaking cantonese. the
library? um, mom, duh, the internet.

we spent the rest of our lunch hour talking excitedly about term papers and bibliographies. about the smell of card catalogs and the joys of research. yes, we were all nerdy girls when we were younger.

since i wrote all of shawn's papers for him and he wouldn't know the dewey decimel system from map coordinates, i do believe this point goes to me.

for those of you keeping track, the score is 3 to 1. shawn's in the lead.

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ah darling, i HATED research. in fact when i returned to university to do my english degree, the day i went to the library for the first time had me in tears. the university library, you see, does not run on good old dewey decimal - too easy! they had some godforsaken evil system that meant mental anguish worse than i had ever experienced before.

of course now that i am a civilian again, i love the library. the regular, non-university library, that is. i love the way it sounds, feels, smells, looks...i love books.

the end