new beginnings

the adorable and talented michele maule invited me to a little get-together of some artists and crafters this morning at her studio space. so, despite my almost paralyzing fear of NEW PEOPLE*, i went. and it was good. there were 6 of us, all at different points in our crafting/art careers, all with different needs and goals. one thing was clear - we all find working for ourselves difficult. its hard to stay focused and disciplined. its impossible try out the new ideas we've had when we're so focused on making the things that are selling right now. its difficult to just take breaks and experience life. its all a balancing act. so, we're going to get together once a month. we'll be sounding boards for one another, help keep one another on track and focused on the big picture. a perfect plan just as i'm trying to start over in a new place. so, thanks michele!

*people who have met me find this shocking. but yes, i am actually shy. i think years and years of having to shmooze and constantly meet new people at work did this to me. you'd think it'd have the opposite effect but no, it did not.

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