night court

teena told me harry anderson was leaving nola. he said he was sick of dealing with the hassle of list in new orleans post-katrina. so he and his wife were closing their business, selling (some of) their buildings and going to asheville, nc.

we thought maybe if they were closing sideshow, they'd be having a going out of business sale and teena could get that max shreck doll she'd been coveting. so i called to see if they were open, since their hours were spotty before. mrs. harry anderson answered the phone and i asked if they were open and she said "no, we're closed. and moving." i should've aked why. but i said thank you and went about my business.

i'm home now, catching up on my tv. i'm watching real time with bill maher now. harry anderson was on. and i'm even more angry. bill maher called him on it. he said to harry anderson something like "you were the unofficial mayor of the french quarter. right after katrina you said you were going to stick it out that it was too important... and now you're cutting and running..."

harry anderson, guilty as charged.

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