no rhyme or reason

#1 - waking up to the news about ann richards really sucked. she was a kick ass ground breaking broad. all i can think about is the guy who ran through austin naked after she lost the election to george w. with "we miss ann already" painted on his chest and back. the cops wouldn't arrest him. i wonder what he's doing today.
#2 - i miss teena.
#3 - i am seriously obsessed with hedgehogs. i blame it on cute overload. and then cute overload linked to this blog. when i discovered that numo and family live in chicago i seriously contemplated how i could make them be our friends so that we could meet numo.
#4 - people are really dumb sometimes.
#5 - i can't decide if this is kind of cool or the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen. i mean, who wouldn't want to live like a hobbit.
#6 - i'm in love with my new shoes. cutest. ever.
#7 - i love zombies. i love people who love zombies too.
#8 - i find the idea of a grey gardens musical entirely ridiculous. but strangely appealing.
#9 - i am entirely overwhelmed by the amount of pixie roll / shana says work i need to do.   
#10 - i can't wait for fall tv to start in earnest.

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