not all bad

so, i haven't been writing much. i've been slowly but surely returning to my old self. my old self minus grandma. and i need to be honest - for a little bit there, i wasn't sure that person could exist. it still takes my breathe away if i think about it for too long but i'm much more certain that i will be ok than i was - even just one week ago.

so there's been a lot of making of things. birds, rings, purses. and there's been a great deal of shop love. thanks.

i've also been helping shawn with his shop. he has great ideas. he makes great things. he needed a store manager. i hired myself. expect new and amazing things this summer.

i've gone to the movies a bunch - forgetting sarah marshall, indiana jones, iron man, the strangers, and the oh so amazing the fall. run, don't walk if it comes to a theater near you. if you need more convincing, check out the trailer. swimming elephants and whirling dervishes for god's sake!

i've been watching a lot of buffy. that helps a great deal. in ways i'm almost to embarrassed to admit. it boils down to this - it could be worse, i could be the one who stands alone against demons and the forces of darkness. i am not the slayer. therefore, i'm lucky.

i've also been busy planning a trip. my first in a year and a half. i'm going to nola for the first time since mardi gras 2007. i'm really excited. i'm thrilled to be seeing teena & phil. i'm also excited to see my beloved city. its been so long. and although i haven't been writing about it, i think about it every single day. so, tomorrow i leave. i wonder if i'll even be able to sleep.

about a month ago, i was listening to one of my favorite chicago public radio shows. the amazing tony fitzpatrick was on. he talks about new orleans and he captured how i feel about it so perfectly. i've been meaning to share forever. the whole show is worth a listen. he's just so effing cool.

oh, and i also got a FABULOUS new haircut. i'll post pics soon.

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