not ok (but getting there)

there's been stuff going on at work. big, unbelievable stuff. i thought once i gave notice things would get easier. they didn't. its been harder than ever. and my job requires me to be a grown up, to be a grown up and stay calm, remain neutral and listen.

yesterday a member of the synagogue who has been a great supporter of mine for the last 10 years called to check in and said, "how are you?" i said, "ok." she said, "shana, who are you kidding? you're not ok and that is ok. no one expects you to be superhuman."

and somehow, i feel better today.

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now that is a really lovely picture. the colours rock, as does the subject. hugs!

I am leaving you a huge hug here. {{{{{HUGE HUG! HUGE HUG!}}}}}
And that is a lovely image of you :) -n.