an ode to skunkboy

skunkboycreatures must be one of my favorite etsy shops. when i'm having a bad day, i visit her shop  and ooooh and ahhhh at the cuteness. and then i curse her - she must be stopped. she practices what kateri has dubbed cruel and unusual crafting.

exhibit a)

exhibit b)

and exhibit c)

and having purchased and been the recipient of a gift from skunkboy, i can attest to their high quality. they are beautifully made and detailed. they are silly and charming and just a little heartbreaking.

plus, i visited katie's blog and oh my! she plays the accordian. she has pigtails and plays the accordian. i'm not sure from where she hails but i'm faily certain its the cutest place on earth.

she sent me a convo on etsy asking if i was going to be at renegade, that she'd really like to come for a visit. i'd love to meet here but i'm afraid i'd just die from all the cute.

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