oh. my. god.

going to joann's was ill advised. yes, i needed fleece. and yes, i wanted to buy shanny's present. so, i went about my business, collecting all the colors of fleece on my list. unfortunately, the fleece is along where the customers were lining up to check out. most were nice. some were not. the line at the cutting table was almost nonexistent strangely enough. the woman at the cutting table did let out the most exasperated sigh when she saw my cart-full of fabric bolts. c'est la.  i said thank you repeatedly, procured shanny's gift and got in line. the very, very, very long line. i stood in line for a good half an hour. and again, most people in line were nice. some were not. a few were very loudly complaining about the lenght of the line. HELLO?! its two weeks before chanukah, 3 weeks before christmas - WHAT do you expect? we're all in this crazy crafty world together people - play nice! so, in order to block out their cries i started to look at all the fabric i was purchasing. and then i started to panic. how the hell am i going to get this all done? am i insane? seriously deranged? all this and baking and food for xmas day and new years? have i completely lost my mind?

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