oh, right

its october 1. i realized it was october 1 around 9:30 tonight. october, the month that i try to watch a horror movie and write about it, each and every day. the month that makes me fear strangers and scream when i see spiders. the month that i usually end twitchy, plagued by nightmares. you know, october. my favorite month!

when i started doing this crazy october movie a day thing, things were different. horror was having a moment. there were times of the year that you may have multiple movies to choose from at the theater - valentine's day, mid-summer, halloween. it wasn't all great horror but it was almost all fun. then saw ruined everything. horror got meaner, more viscious. or is was PG-13 and lame. yes, there were some really great movies but they were few and far between.

and as i watched less and less horror, i became more and more sensitive. the strict guidelines my mom put in place when i was a child, only movies with monsters, ghosts and other supernatural killers are allowed, seemed smart. the violence has become harder to stomach. 

october was here and i hadn't given it a thought. then, at 9:30, i found myself scrolling through my netflix queue and stopped on the bay. i remember reading a lot of really interesting things about it when i was released. it seemed really odd though. i mean, barry levinson directed it. he made diner. it seems weird, right? OK FINE. he made young sherlock holmes and that's awesome and a little scary. still, huh? once it showed up on netflix, i added it to the queue and sort of forgot about it. but at about 9:35, i pressed played and continued with what i was doing - making necklaces, editing pictures for a shop update, checking out the interwebs... but something weird happened, as low as my expectations were, i was getting sucked in and consumed with dread. i stopped working. you guys, it was good. like so much better than i would've ever guessed.

so, i guess i'm going to give this a shot. i don't think i can watch 31 movies without losing my mind but i'll watch a bunch. i'll write about the bay in the next couple of days and maybe do a little bit of other writing about horror - why exactly i love horror, what i can't stand about the treatment of women in horror, why i love american werewolf in london so very much... if all that and more sounds like fun, visit me at surviving horror all month.

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