owly party

if forced to choose one material to work with for the rest of my life i'd have to go with felted wool. there is nothing better. its fuzzy. its unpredictable (you really never know how its going to come out of the washing machine!) its just lovely.  and i'm giving life to thrift store sweaters. and using every last little bit. what rocks harder than that? well, ok, maybe shawn but still...

so, after many, many birds, i've moved onto owls.

shawn thought my first attempt looked "special" - my word, not his. i thought what he wanted looked naked. this was the compromise. i'm pretty sure i could just eat him up. although he doesn't have a name yet. hmmm.

and then there's our poor legless friend.

i need to get some more wire. ASAP. i couldn't possible make a parliament of owls without legs.

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I left an OMG on one of your Flickr images, but I need to say it again:


but you could make a rook of ravens.