panic on the street of lawndale (a list)

things that currently have me in a tizzy (and trust me, i know i seem crazy and most of these are easily solved or aren't really problems at all):

  • where will our stuff go? i haven't seen the house, shawn has. he assures me our stuff will fit but what if it won't?
  • how long will it actually take us to get there? will we hit any snowstorms? what if our stuff gets snowed in somewhere?
  • what if portland doesn't find the shamptons as charming as chicago does?
  • what if the address i've been giving everyone isn't right?
  • i haven't been making things but have had tons of ideas. what if i can't find where i've packed the notebook with the ideas i've written down and can't remember the ideas?
  • monkey hates going out in the rain. portland is rainy. what if she won't go out in the rain?
  • am i going to need to buy a second raincoat?
  • what the hell am i going to do on saturday nights?
  • what if i've actually forgotten how to ride a bike?
  • where are the keys? and once they get here what if i forget them?

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How could anyone ever not find you charming?

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