read. reread.

i read donna tartt's first book, the secret history, in high school. i remember staying up all night on a school night reading and read the whole thing. two days later, after i slept a little, i reread it. i've reread it many times. i love that book and many people i love love that book. everyone i worked with at borders loved that book. i remember joking with co-workers that you couldn't get hired without having read it. 

despite my love, i haven't reread it in years. i wonder. were my late teens and early twenties the perfect time for me to read it? would it be the same almost 20 years later? i think i've decided i need to know. i'll be finding my copy and putting in on my nightstand. i'll reread it after i reread her new book, the goldfinch, which i just finished this morning and know i need to reread immediately.

i knew nothing about the book when i started it. i knew it was donna tartt and that people i love loved it. that, was awesome. i went into it blind, had no expectations and loved every single word. i gasped out loud multiple times. the first time all i could think of was this:

i also knew that one friend said she took her time, she wanted to climb inside the book and never come out. another friend said it was intense and that she had to take breaks. a third friend says she'll sleep when she's dead. i tried to show some restraint. i read a hundred pages before bed for a couple of nights. last night, at the halfway point and climbing out of my skin, needing to know what happens, i decided i sleep every night, books like this come every decade. if i'm lucky. i may be a little sleepy today but i'm glad i did it. 

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