resolution #5

see my friends more. keep in touch with my friends better. in general, be a better friend. i think i haven't seen lynn since before my show in august and it had been MONTHS before that. since i last saw her she's PREGNANT. i think i've seen cheryl
but a handful of times over the past few months and she moved really close to me.
i just saw carm and al for the first time since shannon's wedding -
LAST YEAR. there are others that i've not seen in so long i've
practically forgotten what they look like. so, i will continue to
travel to nola to see teena and phil 3. i will write letters to caroline and other faraway friends. and my friends here - i will call, i will invite them over for dinner, i will see them more or they
will all disappear. and well, one is the loneliest number.

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All you have to do is offer to make Taco Toss and everyone will show up at your house in droves..heck, I'd pretty much fly to Chicago just for that..and maybe some of those peanut butter and jelly thingys that you made for the holidays. :)