the resolution remains the same

its funny. we rocked this past year. i did make something everyday.   i wore my cute clothes. and even gave up buying new for 6 months. i took A LOT of pictures. we ate better. we saw our friends bunches. and then... well, fall came and we became very hermit-like while prepping for renegade and dealing with my surgery. i slept in at least once every weekend. and shawn & i definitely spent a ton of time together. we made stuff. we cooked together. we took many trips to the fabric store together...

so, more of the same. make more stuff. wear clothes i have. take lots of pictures. eat better. see our friends more. sleep more. spend more time with shawn - including an exotic trip. and buy less in general - especially books. get rid of the stuff we have.  read more. be less hard on myself. write more letters. walk monkey more. blog more. take better care of myself in general.

i also am going to get serious about my crafty businesses. if this is truly what i want TO DO, i have to. to that end, notice the new temporary banner. no more shanasays. cookoorikoo is it. (and pixierolls!) i've begun merging the shops. managing three shops was insane. two seems much less crazy-making. i was always feeling like one of the shops was being neglected. so, i'm hopeful this will help. this will probably be the first of many changes.

that's what the new year is for, right?

oh and because today is my shop birthday, i'm offering free shipping for the next week. and i'll be throwing a little extra somethin' somethin' in each order. yay!

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