right book, right moment

i was ranting at shawn last night about how wildly disappointed i was in marie antoinette. it felt like cotton candy - pretty to look at but ultimately unsatisfying. there was real potential but sofia kept it very shallow. i told shawn it was very much how i felt about the virgin suicides - a movie i really like but doesn't even come close to capturing the magic of the book.

at that moment the conversation took a turn. we started talking about movie adaptations and then just books in general. for me, the virgin suicides was one of those books.  for shawn its high fidelity.

there are books i adore that don't fall into this category. books i've read and re-read. books that i couldn't put down. books that made me forget the world existed altogether. and although some of these books possess some or all of those qualities, the books i'm thinking about they also leave you convinced  they were written just for you and quite
possibly about you.  books that make you feel like the author and you
are old friends.

before the virgin suicides it was the dylanist by brian morton. and then emma who saved my lifethe sixteen pleasures. and  starting out in the evening. like a hole in the head. parts of special topics in calamity physics were like that for me. there are more. and there will be more.  but for now, i'm just going to re-read the dylanist and forget all about marie antoinette.

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