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so, i've kept journals of one sort of another for my entire life for many different reasons - writing about my grandparents illness and eventual deaths, writing down what i ate, drank and did everyday when trying to figure out the cause of my rosacea...

i decided i need to keep one this year for a number of reasons. last year we changed our diets pretty dramatically and i'd like to keep that up. having a record of what we're eating and how i'm feeling will help keep me on track. also, i've started doing yoga to help with the back pain that comes along with sewing for hours a day. i need to do it at least four times a week. i'm writing it down to make sure i do it. if i go on a bike ride, i write it down too. i'm also trying to keep track of my work hours. i often feel like i'm working 16 hour days, 7 days a week. so, keeping track. i've been doing this since the beginning of the year and i noticed i'm keeping track of a whole lot more. my notes are sort of ridiculous. because i'm a giver, i've decided to share some of this info with you.

for the week of january 8-14:

yoga: 4 times 

bike rides: 1 

number of smoothies: 0 (too cold)

meals involving pizza: 3 (um. oops.)

meals involving piles of vegetables: 7

i cooked: 5 times

i baked: twice

favorite recipe: chocolate chocolate banana muffins

i forgot what day of the week it was: once

letters written: 2

packages sent:17

pieces finished for the embroidery project: 9

yoyos yo-ed: 32

shrinky dinks sealed: over 200

episodes of better off ted watched: 20

best thing i watched as evidenced by a heart drawn around it: downton abbey

books checked out of the library: 2

books read: 1, the grass cutting sword by catherynne valente

days i wore knee socks: 6 

living room dance parties: 1

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