saturday stats

for the week of april 8-14:

  • yoga or other workout: 4 times (i started this new workout that's ballet & pilates based and its kicking my ass)
  • bike rides: 3
  • walks with monkey: 1
  • number of smoothies: 4
  • number of glasses of green juice: 5
  • meals involving pizza: 2 
  • meals involving piles of vegetables: 5
  • i cooked: 3 times
  • letters written: 2
  • packages sent: 15
  • things made: 37 (i had a meeting with a new wholesale client this week. yay!)
  • photos taken and edited: 304
  • best thing i watched (as evidenced by a heart drawn around it): cabin in the woods
  • books read: arcadia by lauren groff
  • days i wore knee socks: 2
  • days i wore no socks: 4
  • living room (and kitchen) dance parties: 1
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