a seattle list

here's a few highlights from our trip to seattle, in no particular order:

  1. the neil gaiman & amand palmer show was pretty incredible. they both sang and read and it was a little like watching them on twitter, goofily romantic. it was delightful.
  2. pike place market is remarkable and there are so many great restaurants in seattle. it made going to seattle while we are restricting our diet seem like a bad plan. we muddled through, had one really great meal and have a list as long as our arms of restaurants we want to try on later trips. 
  3. shawn & i both dropped off stuff at shops in seattle. people of seattle, get your pixel party on at pink gorilla games and find cookoorikoo at tasty, reconstructed seattle and cakespy.
  4. we got to hang out with the lovely, rosalie of unanimous craft and her partner in crime, doug. that was fun. we definitely hope to see them more! after all, seattle is not that far!
  5. we didn't have plans for thursday night so we decided to try to go see the sharon jones show. but we showed up at the venue to find out that it had sold out since we'd checked an hour earlier. shawn is a pro at buying tickets to sold out shows so started to work his shawn magic. a woman said yes, she had two tickets and we didn't owe her a thing for them. we insisted we buy her and her friend a drink and then we all enjoyed the show. seriously so awesome.
  6. i took a very, very long nap in the sunshine whie shawn worked one afternoon. bliss.
  7. the jason webley show was so great. i know it got its own blog post but its worth reapeating. if you are unfamilar with jason webley, aquaint yourself. you won't be sorry.
  8. seattle is really, really pretty. and really really big. i loved it and i'm glad we live so close but i'm happy to live in portland. 
  9. we went to experience music project. the jimi hendrick exhibit was cool. the nirvana exhibit was like taking a little hike through my teenage angst and there was also a horror exhibit. i saw the sign from the slaughtered lamb, of american werewolf in london fame. it was rad. also pretty cool? the scream booth - an almost soundproof photobooth that photographs you as you scream.    
  10. i didn't get to see the fremont troll.
  11. i guess we'll have to go back.
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