i saw this at target today. i did not buy it but it made me laugh. because yesterday i read this and today my instagram, twitter and facebook feeds are full of #selfie and #feministselfie.

i've had ongoing discussions with friends about selfies. about why some of their daughters post them and about occasionally feeling like a jackass when we occasional post them. and almost all of us do. even shawn does.

i don't know why other people are posting selfies. i know why i do:

i have parents who lives 2000 miles away and like to see my face from time to time.

i spent years avoiding cameras for stupid reasons.

i'm feeling silly. or happy. 

i'm somewhere cool or i want  to mark the moment. 

and sometimes, sometimes my hair just looks fucking awesome. 

but really, it's no one's business. it is not a cry for help and i'm not looking for validation. nor does taking them make me a bad feminist. seriously.

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