seven random things

fringe tagged me. so, here it goes...

  1. i love tacos. chicken, beef, crispy, soft... i seriously love tacos. i could happily eat tacos 3 meals a day. breakfast tacos are perfection. mmmm, tacos.
  2. i will stop and watch almost any mystery of any kind on tv. colombo, remington steele, hart to hart, perry mason, veronica mars, murder she wrote... i'm so helpless when there's a crime to solve that i have NEVER even let myself watch csi or criminal minds.
  3. my mom used to call my hair hypercolor in high school because i colored and trimmed it weekly. blue, purple, jet black, bright red.
  4. i was in the marching band in high school. more specifically the color guard. that is all i'm going to say about that.
  5. i've worn chanel no. 5 since i was 15. it was my very first perfume.
  6. i think my most favorite place in the world that i've ever been is the blue grotto. i'm sure even just thinking about it puts a dreamy dumb smile on my face.
  7. i have a weird love of paint chips. they represent limitless possibility to me. and that makes me happy.
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I love your random list! And I love CSI and Criminal Minds (I'm a sucker for forensic mysteries...), so with so many CSI shows (what, three now?), keep avoiding them! :)