show & tell


this thing happens when i'm preparing for a show. i lose my mind a little. i spend almost every waking moment working, or thinking about working. i make lists, countless lists of what i'm going to make, what i need for display, what supplies i need to order... i obsess about whether or not 10 partly sunny necklaces are nearly enough and whether or not i have enough dark necklaces and if i made too much pink. there's always the list of things i wanted to make that i didn't get to and there will invariably be things i forgot. but right now, a little less than 4 weeks before renegade austin, i'm trying to keep calm and carry on with the making of the yoyos. and i like them. 

Bleeding heart 

things seem to be blooming so much earlier this year. i swear this bleeding heart didn't bloom until june of last year and look at it now!


i came home to the most wonderful present. the talented and oh-so-kind brenda sent me this lovely brooch - a gift for following my stars. not only was this a quitting my job present which in and of itself fantastic BUT i hearted it on etsy eons ago and then forgot about it. until today that is. thanks brenda! i love it!

(tape strips via pugly pixel)

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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you got it, and that you "got it." xoxo