so that happened

i reread the first sweet valley book today and it broke my brain. i am completely mystified about why i read these for so long. the characters are all really unlikable, even elizabeth, who is supposed to be the really likable one. she's wishy washy and so easily manipulated by her sister. and oh god, jessica. she's so horrible. the book opened with jessica complaining about how fat and ugly she was, in front of her identical twin sister. not ok. there was one almost date rape, one lie about about almost date rape and a instance where they hinted at date rape. so not ok. 

so not ok.

francine pascal, the creator of the series, wrote another book that i adored, Hangin' with CiCi. I remember knowing that SVH was crap but reading it anyway. I remember knowing that Hangin' with CiCi was actually good. now, i'm wondering. 

so, that'll be my next book. in month or two. i need some time to recover.

here's the whole debacle, in case you missed it:

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