some of the reasons i fell in love with oregon


  1. meeting people whose work i've admired (although i'm a bit confounded that i didn't take their pictures.) {the comment below reminded me that we also met ward of ward-o-matic, andrea's husband. i LOVE his work.}
  2. the weather. kind of grey, kind of rainy, always a bit moist but it was wa rmer than chicago every single day.
  3. the green. its almost everywhere. even on snowy, snowy mt. hood there was a ton of big green trees to look at.
  4. the food. holy crap, the food. the food carts - yay for potato champion! the small plates and charcuterie - clyde common & olympic provisions, yum. the tasty tasty sandwiches from bunk and one of the best grilled cheeses i've ever had at the grilled cheese grill. oh and don't forget voodoo doughnuts!
  5. the beer - we found ourselves in brew pub after brew pub, day after day. we had at least one beer a day. my favorite: the arctic blastonator weizen bock from deschutes brewery.
  6. the people. incredibly friendly. completely into their city, or their state as the case may be. and helpful. nice.
  7. small businesses seem to thrive. like the food carts. a waiter told us he thought it was all the rain - people needed to channel their creative energy somehow. so, they figure out what they do well and do it. and people appreciate it. pretty excellent if you ask me.
  8. the mountains. and the ocean. and the desert. and the trees. drive in any direction for a few hours and your bound to hit something new and pretty. entirely unlike illinois.
  9. our hotels. i know there are nice hotels everywhere but shazam we stayed in some excellent hotels. ace hotel, cannery pier hotel, jupiter hotel, and even the timberline lodge. awesome. and just made us like everything that much more knowing we had nice places to rest our weary heads.
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Sooooo glad you enjoyed your stay here in Oregon! We had a blast hanging out with you guys.

I have high hopes of visiting some day! Sounds like you a blast!


I wanted to introduce my self & invite you over to my blog:

I found a picture of yours I used for my blog post today. Your heart cute!

Have a great day!

~ Aimee : )