sparkle and shine

we were walking down geary street in san francisco last month and there was some sidewalk was blocked for repairs. there were men pouring concrete and smoothing it out, the way they do. no big deal. i noticed a few people standing around watching and couldn't quite figure out why. so, i really looked. yes, there were the men doing the job i've seen many times but ahead of them were two other men doing a job that i have never, ever thought about.

i LOVE sparkly concrete. i loved it when i was a little girl on a trip downtown with my mom and as a grown up running errands. i always wondered why some people decided that the sidewalk in front of their building should be glittery. an act of whimsy? what i never wondered about was how the sparkly sidewalks were made. i assumed it was just a part of the mixture that was poured. it never would've occurred to me that it was a large scale craft project, that construction workers would reach into giant buckets of glitter and toss it onto the sidewalk while it was still wet. but, that's how it happens. somehow, that makes me love it even more.

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well, I love this. love love love this.

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