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so, i kind of took a break. sort of.

i've finished book one. that's the first time i've said it and meant it. i could hand it to someone to read and not worry that there are glaring plotholes (although i'm sure there is a lingering typo or two.) i could. it doesn't mean i'm quite ready too. i'm working on it. also, i'm working on book 2 already. at least in my head. i've got a basic outline, i've started doing doing research (cloning nightmares are imminent) and i'm taking a lot of notes. i'm talking through ideas here and there with shawn and things seem to be moving along. its also stressing me out a little.  i'm having ideas for books beyond this series and kateri said "don't look now, but i think you're a writer." things have gotten real, yo. i'm a writer?!

so instead thinking about it to the point of a panic attack, i've just been ignoring it. here are a few of the ways:

  • canning. boozy cherries were the latest.
  • reading. i'm doing that thing where i swallow books whole again. there's a what i've read on my summer vacation post coming soon.
  • playing with inkodye.
  • making birds say stuff. 
  • and making purses again.
  • garden and yard work. neverending. 
  • plans with friends. trying to catch up from the spring of monkey sadness has been both rough and fun. 
  • marathoning orange is the new black like its my job. i know i am not the first person to tell you to watch it if you haven't already but seriously, watch it.
  • writing about scary movies.
  • oh and hey, i just saw pacific rim. holy swiss chees, that was fun. 

anyway, its been fun. i know i need to start writing again but not putting myself right back in that headspace where shawn's asking "what's for dinner?" and i'm thinking "salad but also, i'm going to have to kill that character, aren't i?" has been nice. i'll get back to it all soon enough.

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I just started orange is the new black this morning and am on episode 8 already!

that's how i was. then when i convinced kateri to watch it i started over. SO GOOD.

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