summer reading

here's an almost complete list of what i've read since memorial day. i know i've forgotten a few.


genre and genre-ish fiction


young adult:

my favorites so far:

  • velveteen vs the junior super patriots by seanan mcguire - does seanan mcguire every stop writing? seriously legit question. she has how many series going at the same time plus new books and kindle content coming out on the regular. i enjoyed everything i've read by her but this one especially. its about superheroes. come on. 
  • big questions by anders nilsen - a big beautiful graphic novel i picked up on accident about a community of birds having an existential crisis. i have vastly over-simplified this book. its beautiful. 
  • calling dr. laura by nicole s. georges - a graphic novel about a family secret, mothers and daughters, how hard it is to be human sometimes and well, portland.
  • kiss me first by lottie moggach - i can't say i liked this book but it was fascinating to read. dark and twisty and gets into issues of online identity and obsession in a way that made my skin crawl a little.
  • leviathan by scott westerfeld - i don't know what took me so long. so good. so surprised. 
  • code name verity by elizabeth wein - also really good. another war story, like leviathan, which is not usually my jam but i really liked this book.
  • let me go by chelsea cain - i love the gretchen lowell/archie sheridan books. they are deeply fucked up thrillers set in portland that are impossible to put down.
  • joyland by stephen king - i haven't loved a stephen king book in a long time and i almost never like his endings. this one though? perfect summer read that didn't make me want to launch it out a window once i was finished.
  • mary and lou and rhoda and ted by jennifer keishin armstrong - this book about the making of the mary tyler moore show is totally my favorite thing i've read all summer. awesome cloris leachman and bettie white stories. plus, lou grant. a little lou grant is never a bad thing. it inspired me to make this:

what i'm reading right now:

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