sunday's random ten happy making things

  1. long days. i can't believe how late it got dark today. (although i'm sure tomorrow i'll be moaning about how dark it was at 7:00 a.m.)
  2. warm weather. spring. its coming. i can feel it. which means i will
    spend an entire month staring out my window at work and getting NOTHING
  3. erin mckeown. i heard her on all things considered and downloaded sing you sinners and am loving it.
  4. this monkey.
  5. the cute book.
  6. its old news because its been absolutely everywhere but this rocks.
  7. burnt butter brown sugar cupcakes from the nigella lawson domestic goddess cookbook.  i was skeptical but they were amazing.
  8. the ticket i received in southern illinois while driving down to nola has been dismissed. can i get a hell yeah?
  9. the pixie roll review in knitty. redundant, i know. but it made my week - without a doubt.
  10. the pixie rolls i just made.


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