on taking a break

we've known we were moving for about a year. and yes, we kind of took the summer off from preparing or even thinking about it but really, we've been getting ready for about a year. and despite that, despite feeling mostly on top of things, when it was a month before moving day there was still so. much. to. do. so much. plus, it was the holidays so i was managing our shops and getting ready for family festivities. about mid-december, i stopped making things for cookoorikoo. the shop was stocked and there just wasn't going to be anything new for a bit.  i had presents to complete, stuff to pack and cookies to bake. 

after the new year, i was feeling the urge to make things but still really didn't have the time. so i did a little bit of supply shopping. i sketched out some new ideas. but i didn't actually make anything. crafters know how hard this is actually is to do. most crafters i know can't really sit still - they are always working on something. ALWAYS. 

i'd be lying if i said i didn't get a little twitchy.

so, last week, we were getting settled and i unpacked the supplies. and i started to make things. here's something i wouldn't have expected - i'm RUSTY. normally i'm a speedy and accurate hand-sewer. not so much right now. its taking time to get it all right. but you know what? that's ok. i'm loving every. single. stitch. not only am i making all the things i had ideas for before we moved, but sorting through the supplies has given me loads of new ideas. everything seems lovely and full of possibility at the moment. 

so, the break felt like torture at the time but honestly, i'd do it again. it may have been the best thing in the world for me.

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