a tale of two treasury lists

i love the treasury. its a pretty well known fact amongst fellow crafty people. some of my most favorite people became my friends due to my love of making treasury lists and my obsession with putting them in my lists. so, last night i noticed the treasury was about to open up in about an hour. just enough time to put together a poster sketch.

exhibit a)
Etsy -- Poster Sketch

the treasury opened and i put all the items in, exactly like they appear above. then today i go to check on it and read the comments, like any obsessive treasury maker does and this is what i see:

exhibit b)
Etsy Treasury - newsprint

i know etsy edits treasury lists for the front page from time to time. i've had it happen to my lists. BUT while its still just sitting in the pool of treasury lists?!? even if someone at etsy admin picked this list for the front page - i've never had the editing happen before it hit the front page. i would understand editing the benfloeter shirt for the front page - the "kick ass" shirt however kick ass isn't exactly suitable for the front page. what i don't understand is why 4 more of the 12 sqaures that show have been moved. AND they swapped one sqaure from my alternates with the ones that show.

i put a lot of thought into what i choose for treasury lists. and i spend some time moving sqaures around until i think it looks perfect. by editing my list, its no longer my vision (of "newsprint" in this case), no longer "a few of my favorites."

i did a forum search to see what i could find. there was this "explanation" from marymary in this thread:

"Hey guys,

First of all, congrats on making the FP! It's true
sometimes admin will replace an item or items from a treasury that they
are evaluating for the front page. If the list is an overall cohesive
one but one or two items might not be the best fit for the front page,
we will replace them for the front page display only rather than
skipping over the treasury in it's entirety.

We certainly don't
mean to step on any toes, and would much rather give credit to the
curator's list even if all of those items don't make it over to the
front page.

We try our best not to replace or change the state
of the original list and when linking from the front page, the list
will remain in it's original state
just as you may have noticed with
your recently featured list.

We evaluate the alternates and may
replace and rearrange lists with those and other times, it may be the
case where a new item replaces the original for the front page list.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion and thanks for asking,


no, that doesn't really clear it up and its now on the front page.

exhibit c)


yay for everyone in it. i wish it could've seen the front page in its original form.

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:( I hear about it all the time, now I've seen it. So sorry!!!!

A few weeks ago in the forums some curators were complaining that not only was admin changing around their treasury.....that admin had added items that the curator did not pick, not even as an alternate.

But she broke Etsy's TOUs for months by putting herself in FP treasuries (lots of undisclosed shops or so I heard) and then getting her brother to do it and then called out a "copier" on her blog and linked it on her treasury. Maybe Etsy doesn't want to promote her so much anymore because of that.

This exact thing happened to me too!! Although, at the time, I had no idea that it meant admin was in there tinkering around. I just thought it was a bug and I put everything back the way I originally intended. But the FP that came up was still admin's arrangement. I guess that's one thing you can do, just put things back where you wanted them. :) That way at least when people click on the FP, they can see your original vision.