texture and light

our friend polly took this picture. shawn & i have both posted it everywhere we can post it. we both really love this picture. really, really. really. no, really.

we were sad when our friend johnny died and then stunned when monkey died when shawn was in chicago for johnny's funeral. that sucked. add to that some professional floundering on both our parts and its been a really rough spring. i absolutely love making things but i also want more time to write. shawn liked the company he was consulting for but wasn't liking the work anymore. we both were feeling busy and overwhelmed. we needed the weekend away.  we needed a freakin' break. 

we've both recently started to come out of the fog of this spring. a new gig recently fell into his lap and he's really happy with it. work isn't seeming so torturous for him right now and that's nice to see. i also realized (after he told me so about a dozen times) that i just need to make time to write; i'm in control. that's a scary but good realization to have.

by the time this picture was taken sunday morning, we'd fully relaxed into vacation mode. we were both feeling happy and good. i think that's pretty obvious from this picture. well, for me it is. i'm not real sure what exactly is happening with shawn but its giving me the giggles.

we went to SFMOMA last friday. there was an garry winogrand retrospective. they were playing a video of an old bill moyers special about him. while being interviewed, garry winogrand says something about pointing his camera at texture and light and hoping for the best; that sometimes its about luck. i don't know. i'm feeling pretty lucky to be me, to have this life with all its choices and to have had a moment of that captured. although i'm pretty sure polly knew exactly what she was doing and that it wasn't just luck.

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No, man, it was all Hampton magic! I just pressed the button on the phone. :) I had such a good time with you guys; it was a huge highlight for me, and I'm glad your Bay Area trip gave you some awesome moments in the midst of a shitty spring. xo!

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