things i'm thinking about

  1. maurice sendak. in this interview, he said he was in love with the world. i think the world was in love with him. i know i was. if you haven't seen tell them anything you want, do. be prepared for tears.
  2. joss whedon. when we saw pheonix at lollapalooza a few years ago, i was thrilled for them. they said it was the biggest show they'd ever played and you could tell that they were really excited to be there. they were having so much fun. when we went to see the avengers sunday night, i felt the same way for joss whedon. yes, cabin in the woods was awesome and may be in my top ten favorite movies now but the avengers was SO BIG and SO FUN. he got to work with all the people and play with all the things. its clear he had fun doing it. 
  3. planning adventures. kateri's move to portland is around the corner. we've been talking about the adventures we'll take since before i left chicago - places like thor's well and the sea lion caves. first up though, the redwoods. i can't wait. (in truth, there's a long list of places i haven't been to in portland yet that i'm saving for when she gets here.) 
  4. my old job. i've been thinking a lot about my almost eleven years at the synagogue. maybe because its been two year since i left and my brain is finally letting the walls i'd built collapse but i'm remembering things, good things. working for god may be hard but i did learn a lot - about myself, human nature and yes, god. maybe its finally time to start writing about it.
  5. my parents. tomorrow is my mom and dad's 31st anniversary. impressive, isn't it?
  6. hats. there are big ideas brewing for new hats. i think that will be at the top of my list for when we return from bazaar bizarre at the end of may.
  7. these shoes. they're kind of wacky but i love them. plus, i feel like they'd go with everything in my closet. although, these are the shoes i'm saving myself for.
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nice blog here

yeah. thinky. me too. i squeeze your hand and look forward to the day when i can once again send you shoes on a whim.

is that so?
care to elaborate?
i be curious!!

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