tips for a very good day

  • wake up after having gained an hour of sleep.
  • wake up to a crisp, cool fall day with a big, bright blue sky


  • make heart shaped pancakes for your husband.*
  • spend some time with your wacky grandma who is entirely to easily amused by sparkly nailpolish.
  • go to the craft store, buy everything that was on your list despite the fact that you left said list at home.
  • actually accomplish something on your to do list.
  • watch good tv.
  • have a cookie.

*shawn crawled back into bed after breakfast explaining that i had "dianed" him. (diane is my mom. she has a reputation for spooning food onto your plate when your not looking and if logistically this isn't possible she wil intimidate you into eating more. a meal with my mother is only complete with a food coma.) and then he said that he couldn't not eat the 4th heart shaped pancake i had put on his plate. that would've been wrong and he would have been in violation of rule #326. (rule# 326 being that refusal to eat something heartshaped is grounds for divorce.) he's so cute. except for when his kiss makeup is MELTING off his face.

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