tv update

i've watched a ton of tv. some of it isn't even memorable enough to make this list. here we go:

once upon a time. its still totally silly and i still totally like it. although, i realized while watching the clip show that i only half watch this show because i didn't realize it was a clip show until it was almost over.  

999 park avenue. i know what you're thinking. "isn't it 666 park avenue?" well, it is. but the building address is actually 999 and when the light shines on the numbers in a particular way, they cast a shadow that reads 666. sneaky. john locke owns the building and spends a lot of time talking about good and evil. that's all he can do now apparently. also, he seems to be the devil. mephistopheles making deals with attractive, greedy new yorkers. he just hired a young, attractive, non-native, but still possibly greedy, couple to be the live-in building managers. oh and he's married to vanessa williams. do we buy that? do we buy that vanessa williams and john locke as a couple? i'm not sure i do. whatever. i kind of liked it. it lives to see another week on the tivo.

how i met yo momma is still so lame. they are still doing that ridiculous bait and switch thing. oh oh, is this her? oh oh, are robin and barney getting married? oh oh, ted's being a twat. UGH. is it over yet? seriously, when do we get to find out who the hell the mother is? the real question is how much more of this shit can i endure?

why is mike and molly so popular? oh right, melissa mccarthy's awesome. ugh.

partners. why on earth is david krumholtz in this? its about two guys who have been best friends since elementary school and dreamed of working together, david krumholtz and his gay bff. anyway, mr. universe is engaged and his friend is a self absorbed pain in the ass. i think they were going for jack from will & grace with this character. jack was lovable. this guy is not. anyway, i've watched this one twice. the second episode was a wee bit better than the first but holy crap, its still not very good.

i'm not happy about bones and i don't want to talk about it. you can't make me.  

revolution. i'm out. i really dislike this show. i watched because its jj abrams and i want that first season of lost feeling back SO BAD but this, my friends, this is no lost. 

the mindy project. i love that my imaginary bff has her own show and i was really excited to watch. then, i didn't love the pilot. i laughed. it was funny. but, i didn't love it. you should have heard the imaginary conversations i was having with my imaginary bff over it. awkward. anyway, i LOVED last night's episode. so funny. YAY, IMAGINARY BFF! 

raising hope. still so very, very funny. also, cloris leachman made a rape joke. when is a rape joke funny? when an old lady tells it, apparently.

go on. i wasn't a friends watcher but i like matthew perry. i don't think he's the best actor but i think he's good at this one thing - playing a sort-of broken man. he's doing it here again as a young widower with a fancy pants job who is trying to move on with his life. john cho plays his assistant? right hand man? something. anyway, john cho is in it - who i think it effing hot. so there's that. which is good because this show keeps making me cry. the first time felt like an ambush. now i know to expect it. dammit.

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