a very old man with a very big mouth

there was this old man at the synagogue, a totally inappropriate asshole. most of the time i knew he was like that with everyone but more than once he really pissed me off. he pissed just about everyone off more than once. the rabbi would say he was a pussycat. he swore like a truck driver in the synagogue. he was always rude to shawn but he'd quietly tell me later that he hoped shawn knew he was kidding; that he was a good guy. he once told me to go interview for a job at another synagogue and use the inevitable offer as leverage for a higher salary. he was a total pain in the ass and i totally dug him, most of the time. he passed away this week. right now, i'm hoping for an afterlife. he and his wife were adorable and i like to think they're together again. 

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