the weekly tivo report


  1. nashville
  2. go on
  3. gossip girl
  4. grey's anatomy
  5. big bang theory
  6. the neighbors
  7. modern family
  8. the mindy project
  9. two broke girls


  1. private practice
  2. grey's anatomy
  3. the mentalist
  4. mike & molly
  5. elementary
  6. the simpsons
  7. grimm
  8. up all night
  9. raising hope
  10. walking dead


  1. bones
  2. supernatural
  3. american horror story


  1. chicago fire
  2. 666 park avenue
  3. once upon a time
  4. partners

when did i become a girl who watches sitcoms? and why are all the genre shows falling down my list? i find this shift mildly alarming. are the better writers doing sitcoms now? or am i just getting old? my grandparents LOVED sitcoms. oh dear.

can someone explain the accents on chicago fire to me and tell me who thinks air brushing lucy lui's freckles out is a good idea? 

i did see our friends' house on chicago fire. i watched about ten minutes, couldn't take anymore and fast forwarded to the last three minutes of the show to see one of the hot firemen climbing the stairs to their porch, where i drank bourbon this summer. that was fun. the rest of the show sucks.

the neighbors continues to surprise me. i really kind of love it. same with go on but i'm realizing as i type that it wasn't on this week. was that because of the town hall or did it already get cancelled already? that would bum me out. its really good.

anything not on my lists that i should give a shot?

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