the weekly tivo report

chicago fire. this show is so not my thing but its filmed in chicago. chicago looks gorgeous on tv and in movies - its like visiting the best parts without the cold or the traffic. for that reason alone, i was willing to give it a shot. then i found out they actually used a friend's house in an episode and of course i'm going to have to watch. guys, its not good. yes, the hot fireman are hot and chicago looks all pretty but what is up with those accents? i've heard some thick chicago accents in my time and none of them sounded like boston accents. also, its really jacked up jacked up. i need to save my jacked up jacked up television time for the walking dead and american horror story. i'll watch until i see our friends' living room and then NO MORE! i will not be seduced by hot firemen.

elementary. oh, how i wanted to hate this. but i don't. lucy liu, johnny lee miller and aidan quinn are great. the writing isn't terrible. i think if it was a show about a former junkie detective named sick boy and his sidesick, o-ren, everyone could relax and just like it. but its not. its sherlock holmes and we're all so smitten with benedict cumberbatch that this didn't stand a chance. it just seemed like a bad idea. the truly bad idea? airbrushing lucy liu's freckles away. 

once upon a time. i think i'm breaking up with you. i care about you even less than i did last season.

666 park avenue. it gets one more chance. that's it. ONE MORE CHANCE, john locke, one more. do you hear me?

the simpsons. remember them? this week was seriously the weirdest treehouse of horror ever. did anyone else see it? or are we the only ones still watching?

why did no one tell me gossip girl was ending? i'm so glad i caught up on netflix this last couple weeks. i watched the season premier and it did not disappoint. oh how i love these gorgeous, rich assholes and their terrible, terrible decisions!

bones is still making me grumpy. mike and molly and HIMYM are still in the rotation as well, out of habit.

private practice and grey's are a bad habit as well but i've been enjoying them. more beautiful people making bad decisions.

supernatural needs a funny episode STAT. i was happy to see cas this week, though. happy? that's the wrong word but i do like misha collins a great deal.

i haven't watched this week's animal practice yet. i'm just not so sure. anything with a monkey seems a little iffy.

you guys. the neighbors is delightful. really and truly. weird and delightful.

modern family. i really don't know why we just started watching this last year. its just so good. 

grimm is still kind of lame but portland pretty. 

up all night is good although will arnett makes me sad. until i think about arrested development.

big bang still rocks.

deep breath... and a confession:

tami taylor said y'all in the first minute of nashville and i KNEW i was in. its so good. i can't write anymore about it because i am so embarrassed at how much i liked it. 

hangs head.

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i think i love you.

you think you love me?

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