this week's happy making things


1. Cactus Garden (Flowering Agave), 2. new year new print new printer, 3. without you i am nothing~II, 4. struisvogel, 5. cup a day #3 - 1.3.08 - Las Manos 12oz, 6. The Masked Valentine, 7. How did I get off the main road???, 8. The Mystery Of The White Bird Paper Wreath, 9. mushroom + moss, 10. the parting, 11. Pretty Zombies, 12. espresso cup + saucer overview, 13. Le Krewe D'Etat 2005 Line Up, 14. 4045g, 15. European Starling, 16. le penguin - part 2

i'm also thinking about trying to make these, wondering if shawn & i could make something for this, dreaming about living in this universe, admiring this a great deal, and drinking a lot of this since i seem to have come down with the flu.

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