what i've been up to

the blog posts have been infrequent. short and sweet when they occur. its been a crazy couple of weeks. here's just a bit of what's up:

  • shawn brought his pixelparty to the portland retro video game expo. totally fun. totally nerdy. a lot of work. i do all of the finishing/assembly of the jewelry and we made a ton of new stuff so, that kept me VERY BUSY.
  • we've changed the way we're eating quite a bit so more time was spent making smoothies and salads. and a giant pot of vegetarian chili. roasted veggie tacos are our new favorite meal.
  • i bought a bike and went for my first portland bike ride. 4.5 miles y'all. 2.25 miles downhill there, 2.25 miles UPHILL back. bad planning but i survived.
  • i packed up and sent off our nephew's first birthday gift. he's walking now! a year old! seriously, how does that happen?
  • i did some writing for my other blog. i've got a bunch of other reviews and things written that i need to actually post. that'll happen soon. it has to because my crazy 31 horror movies in 31 days tradition starts tomorrow!
  • i've been finishing up some BIG bracelet orders. so, lots of digging through my stash of jewelry, piecing things together like a puzzle and glue glue glue.
  • i've been having fun watching all the new fall tv shows. i'm loving the new girl and two broke girls. i can't wait for the walking dead, grimm  and dexter!
  • i'm making lots of new stuff for this show next weekend. it should be fun - if you're in portland, come say hi!
  • AND last but not least, i reblued my hair. 





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