why today was awesome

a list...

  • i had my eyebrows sugared. this may be oversharing and seem like not really a big deal but trust me, it was. i haven't had them waxed in about a year and had been extra lazy with the tweezing.
  • monkey was extra cute. exhibit a: 

  • as i mentioned before, i left the house. since it feels like all i've been doing is watching bad television and preparing for crafty wonderland, it was nice. and sunny.
  • itunes shuffle gifted me with a mobile dance party during my errands. it was most excellent.
  • kateri & i watched more eerie, indiana while chatting on the phone.
  • i set up my next tattoo appointment.
  • i ate a croissant. never a bad thing.
  • did i mention the sun?



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well, that's a totally darling picture of you. monkey looks pretty too.

I love posts like this. YA to feel good days!
-andrea lynne rose

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