winter wonderland?

i woke up to snow. lots of snow. but not quite enough snow to have a snow day. or so i thought. my house is a good distance away from work, you see. it can be raining here and clear and sunny there. there was once a microburst in hp that didn't even result in a drop of rain in chicago. so, when i got the call saying preschool was closing i knew things were worse there. and after many phone calls it looked like i was really not getting as much snow as ANYONE else. so, i decided to brave the roads.

you know the scene at the beginning of the remake of dawn of the dead? sarah polley is fleeing her suburban neighboarhood and the roads are complete chaos around here. that was fairly similiar to my drive this morning.

i think it was worth it though. kerry brought me lunch. and i went out and took some REALLY PRETTY pictures.


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