year in review

Theme of this year: Newness

Best Month of the Year: May

Best Day of the Year: August 3

Worst Day/Time of the Year: December

Favorite Person of the Year: Shawn. Always. 

Honorable Mentions: Emily, Bettie and Kirsten

Favorite Moment of the Year: Eating rainbow cake with new friends on my birthday

Favorite Movie: Super 8

Live Show of the Year: Jason Webley at the Moore Theater

Best Thing I Bought: A yellow dress

Favorite Trip: The Redwoods in August

Book of the Year: Game of Thrones by George RR Martin (yes, I know. I'm WAY behind.)

Project of the Year: These. I'm loving making them and I'm so grateful for all the positive feedback I'm getting. 

TV of the Year: Downton Abbey

Dessert of the Year: Asian Pear Tart

My Resolution(s) for 2012: Believe that everything is possible.


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