like so many of my friends, i found myself contemplating a 365 project toward the end of december. a lot of CRAZY ideas crossed my mind - a letter a day, an embroidered word a day.  but ultimately nothing felt right. i couldn't mentally commit without the feeling that i would need to be committed. 

part of my reluctance was that i already do a lot. i do and make things every single day. so i actually considered "make something every day" as a 365 project, knowing that its something i already do.

but i am self-aware enough to know i tend to lose steam with long term projects. life gets crazy and things get forgotten. i know this about myself. working on the books is the only long term project i really can commit to and that's ok. what would not be ok is having making things become a chore. 

so, i when i read the lovely and wise kim werker's post on a year of making it struck a chord. i was obviously already thinking about all the ways in which i make things, not just the crafty things. making dinner counts. the weird hair tonic i make counts. bread. stuff for the shop. jam. a two hour skirt. it all counts. as kateri said on twitter this morning while pondering kim's post:

so, i guess i was already in before i was calling it a year of making but now i'm definitely in. follow along on instagram or flickr.

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