yo-yos rock, yo

i love making yo-yos. they are little circles of fabric love using up the leftover bits of fabric that you couldn't bear to throw away.  and i adore the way the little clusters of fabric i make look on my wristwarmer. so, i thought about what else i could do with them. i've actually been thinking about this since i saw this post on whipup. inspirational yo-yos - who knew?

so i played a bit, and this is what i came up with...

since the first one i made sold i was feeling the yo-yo love. i made more and then look at what happened. adorn mag featured me as their flickr pic of the week. how cool is that?

(while looking at that post, click through to the halloween contest winners. most glamourous? that would be teena, the peacock! and again i say, how cool is that?)

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