music monday

i could watch the dancing in this video forever. 

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word of the week

defenestrate.  a throwing of a person or thing out of a window; to exit throw a window;
a usually swift dismissal or expulsion.

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like so many of my friends, i found myself contemplating a 365 project toward the end of december. a lot of CRAZY ideas crossed my mind - a letter a day, an embroidered word a day.  but ultimately nothing felt right. i couldn't mentally commit without the feeling that i would need to be committed. 

part of my reluctance was that i already do a lot. i do and make things every single day. so i actually considered "make something every day" as a 365 project, knowing that its something i already do.

but i am self-aware enough to know i tend to lose steam with long term projects. life gets crazy and things get forgotten. i know this about myself. working on the books is the only long term project i really can commit to and that's ok. what would not be ok is having making things become a chore. 

so, i when i read the lovely and wise kim werker's post on a year of making it struck a chord. i was obviously already thinking about all the ways in which i make things, not just the crafty things. making dinner counts. the weird hair tonic i make counts. bread. stuff for the shop. jam. a two hour skirt. it all counts. as kateri said on twitter this morning while pondering kim's post:

so, i guess i was already in before i was calling it a year of making but now i'm definitely in. follow along on instagram or flickr.

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so that happened

i reread the first sweet valley book today and it broke my brain. i am completely mystified about why i read these for so long. the characters are all really unlikable, even elizabeth, who is supposed to be the really likable one. she's wishy washy and so easily manipulated by her sister. and oh god, jessica. she's so horrible. the book opened with jessica complaining about how fat and ugly she was, in front of her identical twin sister. not ok. there was one almost date rape, one lie about about almost date rape and a instance where they hinted at date rape. so not ok. 

so not ok.

francine pascal, the creator of the series, wrote another book that i adored, Hangin' with CiCi. I remember knowing that SVH was crap but reading it anyway. I remember knowing that Hangin' with CiCi was actually good. now, i'm wondering. 

so, that'll be my next book. in month or two. i need some time to recover.

here's the whole debacle, in case you missed it:

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a few months ago, i curled up to reread Are you there God? It's me, Margaret? and as i began reading, i wanted to tweet every single thing i read and every feeling i was having about every single thing i read. it had been a long time since i had read it and boy, oh boy, i had feelings.  i didn't remember all the inter-faith stuff; i had forgotten about "sanitary belts" and nancy wheeler was a bitch. seriously.

so, i put the book down and picked it back up when i had the time to live tweet the whole thing and it was a blast. a lot of my regular twitter people told me so and i ended up chatting with a lot of new people. i knew that i wanted to do it again but had trouble finding the time. back in december, i decided to make the time and it made my to do list for 2014. this sunday will be the first book of the year. what's the book, you ask?

wouldn't have guessed that, would you? you guys, i LOVED the sweet valley high books. i read them by the fistful and continued to follow the series throughout high school, totally in secret. a library pile that included john updike, ursula k. leguin and sweet valley high did not make sense to my mother, or anyone else really. i can't explain it, even now. i loved these books.

i recently figured out that i read something like 88 of them. EIGHTY EIGHT. you'd think after reading 88 books, i'd remember them better but no. here's what i recall about sweet valley:

there are blonde twins named elizabeth and jessica,

a hunk named todd

and an arch nemesis whose name is lila fowler.

i, for one, am interested to find out what the hell else went on at sweet valley high and to see if these books were worthy of my love. i'll start sometime around 10 AM (PST) sunday, depending on pancakes. i'm going to try to post a link from storify afterwards with all the tweets from the day collected for your enjoyment.

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community day!

community starts again tonight. i may have been late to that particular party but i love it. i'm looking forward to seeing what those wacky weirdos are up to (and getting ideas for new birds and maybe a dino or two!)

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wednesday words

bershon. a word describing the irritated look of young people in photographs that they have been forced to take for their relatives.

lollapalooza. something outstanding of its kind; something excellent.

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year in review

Theme of this year: Balance 

Best Month of the Year: July

Best Day of the Year: November 27. The day I finished Book 2. 

Worst Day/Time of the Year: The day Monkey died sort of fucked up the entire spring. I miss her silly face.

Favorite Person of the Year: Shawn. Always.

Favorite Moment of the Year: The night I took Shawn to tap with me. That was adorable fun. 

Favorite Movie: The Conjuring

Live Show of the Year: Lovebomb GoGo opened for Rebirth Brass Band again. It was amazing.

Best Thing I Bought: Nice tap shoes

Favorite Trip: The Redwoods in August

Book of the Year: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Project of the Year: The Words. While I was working on the last two for the year I realized I could happily work on those for the rest of my life. 

TV of the Year: Orange is the New Black

Dessert of the Year: Brown Butter Custard Apple Pie

My Resolution(s) for 2014: Be better. Do better. Again. And maybe be a little less hard on myself.

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music monday

i had forgotten this song until today when i was making a video for instagram.

dude, there's a new app called flipagram. its delightful and addictive. if you haven't played with it yet, let me suggest you don't. because once you do one video, you want to do more. which is how i ended up with this:

which is what reminded me of this song. happy feet.

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feed people

while we were preparing for christmas day, shawn was stressing over the timing/method of cooking the pork shoulder. 

he said: whose terrible idea was this?

i said: oh, you're just out of practice. we are old pros. we can do this.

he said: just because we can do it doesn't mean its a good idea. 

i said: feeding friends is never a bad idea.

i said it and realized its one of the guiding principles of my life. if you have ever been anywhere near my kitchen, i'd probably handed you something to eat, given you a jar of jam or pickles, sent you home with a loaf of bread. i like feeding the people i love and i plan to do it a lot more in 2014. because, come on, tacomas* was a BLAST. 

*tacomas. we fed everyone tacos on christmas day. we will feed everyone tacos next christmas. we needed to name our new celebration. hence, tacomas. 

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