pixel party and coo-koo-ri-koo at renegade holiday sale

Hey everyone - come out and help us celebrate brown saturday and diaper sunday by purchasing handmade gifts for all of your friends at the renegade holiday sale. shana has new necklace designs this time, and shawn has mushroom and ms pac man wall hangings , and there are over 150 vendors this time including shana's favorite - skunkboy.

who: coo-koo-ri-koo and pixel party (shawn and shana)
what: renegade holiday fair
when: saturday and sunday, december 5-6 11am-7pm
where: pulaski park fieldhouse, 1419 w. blackhawk, chicago
why: because you can't resist our yo yos and ms pac men and rings, oh my!
how: ride your bike or take the bus - admission is free. with any luck we'll continue to have no snow!

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