yo yo yo! coo-koo-ri-koo and pixel party are at the renegade craft fair this weekend

shana has been building up her yo yo army and is prepared for total world domination

shawn has pixellated dogs, apes, ghosts and more. you might say he has mega-pixels but that would be kind of dumb.

renegade is not your granny's craft fair. there will be no tea cozys or cutesy snowmen, and any cross-stitching in sight is sure to contain some profanity. there are over 300 booths this time, and the fair takes place on division street between damen and paulina in chicago.

who: coo-koo-ri-koo and pixel party (shawn and shana)
what: renegade craft fair
when: saturday and sunday, september 12-13 11am-7pm
where: division street between damen and paulina
why: because you can't resist our yo yos and marios and birds, oh my!
how: ride your bike or take the bus - admission is free.

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